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【Audio CD - A Stellar World】
Audio CD

 【Product #】 SEC005A
 【Price】 \2,200+Tax
 【Specs】 Audio CD + Tall case and lyrics card


  We put Stellar's daily life and conversations with friends and family into fun and easy to learn songs!
  We put in songs ranging from "I'm sorry", "I'm hungry", Yeah! It's Bath time!",
  "Time to brush my teeth", all the way to songs about "My town"
  (Sing while using the preposition chart), "The alphabet" and "Food phonics".
  In all we've created a total of 21 original songs!
  Each has their own theme and dialogue to go with them.

【Points to know】

  Easy to sing along songs for your class or home.
  With "Daily life" as our main theme, it's easy to apply the songs as soon as you learn them!
  Don't limit your use of the CD to just your lesson, listen and sing along at home too!
  Because English education is the basis of this CD
  we also included an Alphabet as well as Phonics song.
  We've provided a total of 6 karaoke tracks for you to sing with or feel free to change the words
  to provide an even more fun and educational experience for your students.

【Phonics Chart Set (ABCs with pictures!)】
Phonics Chart Set

 【Product #】 SEW002A
 【Price】 \1,000+Tax
 【Specs】 A2 sized poster in color
       Phonics work sheet A-Z (with pictures)


  We present to you a poster to use when singing
  the "Phonics is fun" song in the "A Stellar World" CD.
  We've put the first ever all food phonics song into an easy to use chart.
  If you use this chart with the CD it doubles its effectiveness!
  You can even use this chart with the ABC song
  "Let's learn the alphabet!" also included in the "A Stellar World" CD.

【Points to know】

  A two way chart at a bargain of a price!
  We've also included worksheets where you can learn the alphabet
  from A to Z using the same pictures as the chart.
  You can use them as flash cards!
  How about coloring them and sticking them on the wall?!
  Or better yet, take them and make your own ABC workbook!

Preposition chart set
Preposition chart set  【Product #】 SEW001A

 【Price】 \1,000+Tax

 【Specs】 Preposition chart size A2 Poster
       Parts kit size A3 x 1 sheet
       Student version coloring sheet
       (Parts kit includes size A3 thick paper black & white)


  Stellar's house and town, in poster form!
  Bread store, Book store, Flower shop, Park, River or Ocean and a Forest!
  Tons of places all in one convenient poster!
  By taking the parts kit, cutting them and applying magnets you can
  effectively practice and learn prepositions by moving the pieces all over.

  [The parts kit includes]   Stellar's family,A dog,A cat,Flower bed,Balloon,Desk,Bed,Lamp,
                    Refrigerator,Toilet,Bath tub,Taxi,Fire engine,and an ambulance.
                    There are over 20 parts in all.

【Points to know】

  There are lots of different scenes and people included in the post,
  it's also easy to relate to our KAMSHIBAI stories.
  Various verbs from our verb cards are scattered throughout
  the poster which makes it easy to use for activities or a quick review.
  There is also a song included in the audio CD "A Stellar World"
  where you can sing along while using the preposition chart.
  There are hidden shapes and colors on the poster so it makes it easy
  for you to introduce the poster to small children.
  This product can be used for a whole range of activities making it very popular and useful.

Flash cards (big) - Emotions 20 card set
Flash cards (big) - Emotions 20 card set
 【Product #】 SEP007A

 【Price】 \2,000+Tax

 【Specs】 Size A5 20 card set
       Appearance: Glossy full color cards


  20 adjectives covering feelings and situations
  to help teach the emotions that you want your children to know.
  Watch at how your range of activities broadens with these adjectives
  that cover expressions of your daily life.
  The border of all the cards are separated into two sets of ten colors.
1 angry 6 hungry 11 nice 16 sick
2 bored 7 happy 12 proud 17 sleepy
3 confused 8 lonely 13 shy 18 sad
4 excited 9 mean 14 scared 19 tired
5 full 10 nervous 15 surprised 20 worried

Flash cards (big) - Adjectives 20 card set
Flash cards (big) - Adjectives 20 card set

 【Product #】 SEP005X

 【Price】 \2,000+Tax

 【Specs】 Size A5 20 card set


  With Christmas objects hidden throughout the cards,
  have fun learning the opposites of 20 cards (total of 40 words)/ set.
  Use these cards to learn adjectives anytime of the year instead of just for the Christmas season.
  Both the word and its opposite are on 1 card so it's easy and fun for children to use and remember.
1 big - small 6 thick - thin 11 fat - skinny 16 clean - dirty
2 long - short 7 hard - soft 12 strong- weak 17 noisy - quit
3 new - old 8 short - tall 13 light - dark 18 kind - rude
4 hot - cold 9 pretty - ugly 14 fast - slow 19 easy - difficult
5 young - old 10 heavy - light 15 empty - full 20 cheap - expensive

Flash cards (big) - Verbs
Flash cards (big) - Verbs
 * There are two different versions of the verb cards (big)
  Make sure you double check what you are ordering.

 【Product #】 SEP002V
 【Price】 \2,000+Tax
 【Specs】 Size A5 20 card set


  Students can use these 20 verbs that were introduced in the Valentine series.
  Easily used throughout the year.
1 draw a heart 6 water the flower 11 sit on the bed 16 have an arrow
2 write a card 7 go upstairs 12 play cards 17 show me your book
3 cook breakfast 8 give him a chocolate 13 look for Cupid 18 open the box
4 cut the paper 9 love my family 14 think 19 want a pink T-shirt
5 wash a car 10 hug my dog 15 help my mother 20 go to the park

Flash cards (big) - Verbs
Flash cards (big) - Verbs
 * There are two different versions of the verb cards (big)
  【SEP002V】 and【SEP003S】.
  Make sure you double check what you are ordering.

 【Product #】 SEP003S
 【Price】 \2,000+Tax
 【Specs】 Size A5 20 card set


  Students can use these 20 verbs that were introduced in the Summer camp series.
1 jump 6 dance 11 go fishing 16 have a campfire
2 fly 7 read a book 12 ride a bicycle 17 make a sandcastle
3 sing 8 take a nap 13 catch some bugs 18 look at the star
4 swim 9 study English 14 collect seashells 19 climb up the mountain
5 jog 10 play soccer 15 clean my room 20 eat some shaved ice

Flash cards - Student version (small) Verbs 40 card set
Flash cards - Student version (small) Verbs 40 card set

 【Product #】 SEP004A

 【Price】 \1,200+Tax
 【Specs】 A7 40 card set 


  This set includes the verbs from both the Valentine and Summer camp series (40 cards in all)
  in a convenient playing card size.
  This size is very convenient for use in the classroom.

Coloring book -Student version (small) Adjectives 40 card set
Coloring book -Student version (small) Adjectives 40 card set

 【Product #】 SEP006A

 【Price】 \1,200+Tax
 【Specs】 Size A7 40 card set 


  The opposite cards from SEP005X set have been made into easy to use playing cards.
  These cards are very useful when you want to play an opposite word card search
  or other various card games because of the easy to use compact size.


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