KAMISHIBAI Summer camp version

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【KAMISHIBAI】 What are you going to do, Stellar?

 【Product #】 SEK005S

 【Price】 \3,500+Tax

 【Specs】 Size A3 x 12 Pages
       Front: Full color Back: Black and white


  Stellar goes to summer camp during her summer vacation.
  One day as she was writing in her diary she thought "I wish I had a friend."
  in which later she was greeted by....
  A bear named Teddy, some singing frogs, and a whale called Toby.
  Stellar had lots of fun with her new friends as they got her to sing and dance with them.
  What kind of experiences did Stellar have during her Summer vacation?
  Find out now!

【Targeted areas and phrases】

  Introduction vocabulary and phrases | Greeting | Using gerunds and verbs
  Let's be friends.
  Vocabulary and phrases used when trying to get a friend to join you. |
  Let's be friends
  I like 〜ing.  |  Would you like to 〜? 
  I'm going to〜.

【Things to try】

  Making a picture diary
  Incorporating a song in your lesson (via the audio CD)
  Changing the level of English used based on your audience's reaction as you "slide" the story.
  Using the verb cards that are related to the story.

【Audio CD- Summer camp version】
Audio CD

 【Product #】 SEC003S

 【Price】 \1,800+Tax

 【Specs】 CD+ Case and lyrics card


  Feel like you're in the KAMISHIBAI story as it is read dramatically aloud
  by a native English speaker along with songs and
  sound effects to help keep your students interested.
  Or have your students repeat part or all of the story
  as it's read slowly and clearly for you by a native English speaker.
  To help your students remember the story and targeted material from the story
  we've included sing along chants as well as 3 original songs (all with Karaoke)
  for you to use to help make your lesson easy to learn and fun.

【Points to know】

  In the scenes where Stellar is writing in her diary, you can learn the date and weather.
  After you've gotten used to using this product try to write your own diary.
  By using the story related verb cards to review patterns
  you can increase your student's sentence developing skills.
  All the verb cards are read aloud by a native English speaker.

【Picture cards Summer camp version】
Picture cards
 【Product #】 SEP003S

 【Price】 \2,000+Tax

 【Specs】 Specs: Size A5 20 card set
       Appearance: Glossy full color cards


  20 verb cards that include the verbs that appeared in the Summer camp
  KAMISHIBAI as well as nouns that symbolize summer.
1 jump 11 go fishing
2 fly 12 ride a bicycle
3 sing 13 catch some bugs
4 swim 14 collect seashells
5 jog 15 clean my room
6 dance 16 have a campfire
7 read a book 17 make a sandcastle
8 take a nap 18 look at the star
9 study English 19 climb up the mountain
10 play soccer 20 eat some shaved ice

【Did you know?】

  Hidden amongst the cards are numbers from 1 to 10 (two of each).
  The hidden numbers makes for a fun addition to any game
  as you get your kids to learn while having fun and searching.

【Coloring book Summer camp version】
Coloring book

 【Product #】 SEN004S

 【Price】 \350+Tax

 【Specs】 Size A4 x 12 Pages


  It's a coloring book that follows the same story as its KAMISHIBAI counterpart.
  There are target sentences on the bottom of every page,
  so your child can practice tracing English.
  Have fun making your own, original, picture book.
  Works as a great workbook for the Summer camp KAMISHIBAI story,
  or you could use it to study off of while at home.
  Role play with the stick figure printouts supplied at the end of the book.

【Teacher's guide Summer camp version】
Teacher's guide

 【Product #】 SEG003S

 【Price】 \400+Tax

 【Specs】 Size A4 x 8 Pages


  What are you going to do, Stellar?
  The perfect teacher's guide book to the Summer camp KAMISHIBAI story.
  Activities to target students of various levels,
  as well as copiable work sheets at the end of the book.
  A guide that's quick, useful, and easy to use for your lesson.

【Other great products to use.】
Picture cards

【Picture cards: SEP004A】Verbs

  One of our year round products,
  the picture cards,( 40 playing card sized verb cards - Student version)
  feature 20 verb cards from both the Summer camp series and
  Valentine KAMISHIBAI series.
  The student version card set is "playing card" size with 40 cards per set.
  These cards are perfect for your student
  to carry around and use anywhere.
Preposition chart set

【Preposition chart set: SEW001A】

  You can see Stellar's home town and all its activity. (Size A2)
  This very useful poster also features attachable parts for you to use.
  Whether putting it on your white board or pinning it up on your wall,
  you can use this poster anytime.
  Click for more details.


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