Halloween Original KAMISHIBAI

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【KAMISHIBAI】 Stellar the witch at Halloween night

 【Product #】 SEK001H

 【Price】 \3,500+Tax

 【Specs】 Size A3 x 12 Pages
        Front: Full color Back: Black and white


  After becoming a witch Stellar decides to go to a Halloween party.
  When she suddenly realizes she has lost her broom.
  Now worried, Stellar sets off to find her missing broom.
  On the way she greets her Halloween friends who offer her support
  and try to help her find her broom.
  Where is that broom... Can you help her find it?

【Targeted areas and phrases】

  What’s the matter?   I’m sad. I can’t find my broom.
  Where is my broom?   Let’s go and find it.
  How to ask and answer emotional based questions.

【Points to know】

  This was Stellar's first story, and has become very popular all over Japan.
  If you haven't already, try introducing each new character by slowly sliding the KAMISHIBAI board
  while letting your student's imagine who or what will show up next.
  Children really enjoy the Audio CD, so we strongly recommend that you add it to your collection.

【Audio CD - Stellar the witch at Halloween night】
Audio CD

 【Product #】 SEC001H

 【Price】 \1,600+Tax

 【Specs】 CD+ Case and lyrics card


  Feel like you're in the KAMISHIBAI story as Stellar the witch at Halloween night
  is read dramatically aloud by a native English speaker along with songs
  and sound effects to help keep your students interested.
  Have your students repeat part or all of the story as it's read slowly
  and clearly for you by a native English speaker.
  Have the CD repeat the Halloween cards for you
  by a native English speaker (of course with Karaoke).
  Sing along chants also offer you a fun and easy way
  to help your child remember the vocabulary words.
  A song that features the Halloween characters is also included.

【Points to know】

  The CD is extremely popular with kids.
  The Halloween character sounds are so real sounding that
  it's easy for children to imagine what they look like.
  You could also try memorizing the lines and putting on a play!
  It makes a great Halloween gift.

【KAMISHIBAI】 The Origin Of Halloween

 【Product #】 SEK002H

 【Price】 \2,500+Tax

 【Specs】 Size A3 x 12 Pages
        Full color Back: Black and white


  Do you know about the origin of Halloween?
  Well with this KAMISHIBAI story you'll be able to learn all about the origin of Halloween.
  Stellar isn't featured in this story, but it's entertaining to upper level students.
  From Middle school students, all the way to adults. (Difficulty: EIKEN grade 2 level)
  There is also a magical apple seed activity included, feel free to try it out in your class!

【Targeted areas and phrases】

  Vocabulary and EIKEN Grade 2 level sentences are used.
  You can also use this to teach Middle - High school students about foreign cultures.
  Feel free to use this for presentation training as well.

【KAMISHIBAI】 Do You Want To Be A Witch, Stellar?

 【Product #】 SEK003H

 【Price】 \3,500+Tax

 【Specs】 Size A3 x 12 Pages
        Full color Back: Black and white


  Stellar wants to become a witch so she sets off to pass a test to become one.
  She is asked a bunch of questions based on the "Origin of Halloween"
  which she answers correctly to become a witch!
  You can help share Halloween's culture through this lovely story.
  The questions are set up in a "quiz" like format,
  so try and think of the answers along with your students.

【Targeted areas and phrases】

  Do you want to be 〜?   I think it’s〜
  I'm sure 〜   Are you sure?
  Emotions expressed through adjectives.

【Points to know】

  There is a Jack- O'- Lantern on every page.
  In addition to Halloween words, you can also learn emotional expressions.

【Flash cards Halloween version】
Flash cards
 【Product #】 SEP001H

 【Price】 \2,000+Tax

 【Specs】 Size A5 20 card set
        Appearance: Glossy full color cards


  Flash cards that work with all of the Halloween versions KAMISHIBAI.
  20 Halloween related vocabulary words, plus hidden broomsticks throughout the pictures.
  Also! On every card there is a Jack-O-Lantern with a different emotional expression,
  so you can teach not only vocabulary words, but also emotional expression related words!
1 witch 6 ghost 11 bat 16 apple seed
2 pointed hat 7 black cat 12 skeleton 17 fortunetelling
3 cloak 8 owl 13 Jack O’Lantern 18 coffin
4 magic 9 mummy 14 orange & black 19 tomb stone
5 broom 10 vampire 15 haunted house 20 Happy Halloween

【Coloring book - Stellar the witch at Halloween night】
Coloring book
 【Product #】 SEN001H

 【Price】 \350+Tax

 【Specs】 Size A4 12 pages


  A coloring book that follows the same story as its KAMISHIBAI counterpart.
  Your child can practice tracing the phrases that appear in the original story.
  Have fun making your own, original, picture book.

【Teacher's guide Halloween version】
Teacher's guide

 【Product #】 SEG001H

 【Price】 \400+Tax

 【Specs】 Size A4 8 pages


  This teacher's guide covers all of the KAMISHIBAI series.
  The BINGO sheet at the end of the book is very popular.
  Feel free to use the ideas featured in this book for Halloween related activities and lessons.

【Other great products to use】
Flash cards

【Flash cards SEP004A Verbs】

  One of our year round products,
  the picture cards,( 40 playing card sized verb cards - Student version)
  feature 20 verb cards from both the Summer camp series and
  Valentine KAMISHIBAI series.
  The student version card set is "playing card" size with 40 cards per set.
  These cards are perfect for your student
  to carry around and use anywhere.
Preposition chart set

【Preposition chart set SEW001A】

  You can see Stellar's home town and all its activity. (Size A2)
  This very useful poster also features attachable parts for you to use.
  Whether putting it on your white board or pinning it up on your wall,
  you can use this poster anytime.
  Click for more details.


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