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Teaching "Real English" to children!!

Stellar Education, a place of true excellence for English education, was founded in 1989. As an answer to the desire for "Real English", it has since further expanded. Presently, there are over 300 "Stellar Kids" whoare having fun every day studying not only English, but also arithmetic and mathematics.

"Catch and Response Method"

Recent new guidelines and information published by the Ministry of Education and Science announced the need for English not only as an examination requirement, but also for practical English education, English which the International community could understand. In addition to this, practical arithmetic and mathematics were also recommended. In light of this, we at Stellar Education have strived not to be caught in the flow of "Exam English Education", but have introduced "Real English" Education. As a result of the accumulation of knowledge in thisarea, we were led to develop "The Catch & Response Method", an original method of education exclusive to Stellar Education.

"Step By Solution method"

Especially in teaching arithmetic and mathematics, it is important to encourage students, to adapt to their place of learning and when they reach a level of understanding, to proceed to the next step. We call this the "Step By Solution" method and it also includes developing a firm practical and applied foundation in teaching.

Currently in Japan, in order to continue on to Higher Education it is mandatory to fulfill the rigid examination requirements. However, instead of meaninglessly lowering the requirements to pass, in the future we will see more focus upon practical ability due to the declining populations of children in Japan. In addition, those in the world today with a high level of practical English are being placed in positions of responsibility and people like managers and directors are now being chosen depending on their English ability.

We at Stellar Education aim to raise truly cosmopolitan children. This can be achieved when children are young. We would like to invite you to give your children the chance to try out this unique method of education here at Stellar Education.

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Hitomi Iguma


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