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About our school

 1. Up to how many students are in one class?

    We generally have up to 6 students in one class.
    It is our belief that this way the chance for the teacher to speak to each students is greater
    as well as giving children a better atmosphere to communicate in.

 2. What exactly is the Catch and Response Method (English).

    English is a tool for communication.
    Our goal is for the student to understand what is being said, and have them try to answer accordingly,
    so in order for them to respond in a relatively quick manner, we try to input as much English as possible in our lessons.
    This method of input helps influence the student to try and communicate in the quickest time possible.

 3. What exactly is the Step By Solution Method (Arithmetic and Mathematics).

    Arithmetic and mathematics require the learner to start from the bottom and work up clearing obstacles along the way.
    Our teachers make sure that each student understands the problems they are doing,
    as well as help point out the differences between them.
    When the student fully understands one set of problems then that confidence allows them to take the next step.
    In short, it's a method to complete all material covered as the student continues to progress.

 4. Do you offer trial lessons?

    Trial lessons are possible all year round.
    Before you decide to come to Stellar we would like it if the parent or guardian comes to the trial lesson,
    talks with a teacher about the policy at Stellar Education, and when you decide that this is the place
    you would like to learn we would love to have you.
    Education is a long winding road.
    So we would like it for you and your child to think it over and join us when you feel it is right for you.

 5. Are the teachers Japanese?

    We have both experienced Japanese teachers and an American teacher here teaching our classes.
    For the most part, all English lessons are conducted in English however on occasions,
    we use Japanese to help the student adapt or relax to the class as well as check to see
    if they understand their homework or the material that they are studying.

 6. Is it alright if my child has no previous English experience?

    There is no need to worry.
    Our teachers are experienced in helping the child adapt to the lesson, even if it's their first time.
    The most important thing is to just try to have fun with English!

 7. Do you offer other subjects?

    While English is Stellar Education's main subject, we also work just as hard to teach arithmetic and mathematics.
    If you would like to study other subjects, we also have another option called the STEP course to help you study.
    We also offer seasonal (Spring, Summer, Winter, Supplementary) courses
    that specialize in helping your child prepare for their examinations.
    The teachers look out for the best interest of your child, so if your student is suffering in a particular area
    they inform each other so as to make sure your child gets the most out of each lesson.

 8. What exactly is the STEP class?

    Students study solely by themselves.
    After hearing what the teacher has to suggestion,
    the students set up their own study plan and continue to solve problems
    until they feel they have mastered the area that they are studying.
    Each student has their own folder in which they keep track of the print outs
    that they do from up to 5 different subjects.
    Every month we have the students decide on what exactly they would like to cover.
    Along with the notes and knowledge learned in the same subject,
    STEP helps them understand what they are studying even more.

 9. Will my quiet child be able to keep up with the rest of the class?

    In order for a child to learn, we try to get them to be comfortable with their surroundings.
    Each student is taught while paying attention to their special needs.
    The teacher then supports the student to help them relax and learn.

 10. Do you offer any fun events for children?

    We try to offer as many annual events as possible so that
    your child can experience foreign culture and customs while having fun learning.
    Having fun learning about a foreign culture often helps build an interest and love of learning.
    We want your child to learn through various experiences not only through books,
    but also through true life experiences, so as to help further inspire them to want to learn more.
    There are many exciting events were your child can have fun with their friends.
    Please refer to the annual event schedule for more details.

 11. Will the material learned here, help them when they reach middle school?

    Stellar education's key to education is that what we teach works consistently along with grades K-12.
    Education is a long winding road.
    So as time goes on we will be able to observe your child, watch them grow, and indulge their interests
    while keeping contact with you so as to assure you that your child is at a safe and fun place to learn.
    We have implemented a system that helps guide you
    as well as helps give you the skills needed to help you prepare for your exams or the EIKEN test.

 12. Is it possible for me to know what you are studying?

    Of course.
    Owing Stellar's original curriculum we keep records of all material
    that we cover through out the year in detiled reports so you can know exactly how much your child is learning.
    2-3 times out of the year, we put that data into detailed reports and send it home with your child.
    Regarding specific details about your child's progress,
    we either write detailed comments in the report card that we send home,
    call or during our parent teacher conferences so as to protect your privacy and get you information that you need.
    In addition, if the above information isn't enough,
    we can also arrange a private parent teacher meeting in regards to your child.
    A few times out of the year, both the middle and high school students take a test called the achievement test.
    Those results are not only shared with the student, but with the parent or guardian as well.

About our teaching materials

 1. What is KAMISHIBAI? 

    KAMISHIBAI is a traditional way to tell a story using boards (A3 size)
    that have the story written on the back, with a picture on the front.
    You slide the board either to the left or right to reveal a picture
    while reading the story on the back of the previous card.

 2. Why should I use KAMISHIBAI?

    Well, the major selling point for KAMISHIBAI is that you can be interactive with your students.
    As well in comparison to picture books, it's "Easy to use" and easy to read.
    While taking in the audience's attention and reaction to the story
    you can easily change the story to meet their level so everyone can enjoy the story.
    Unlike a picture book, you can determine the speed and the way
    that you slide each story board so as to intrigue your students into wondering
    what's happening or to ask your students questions as to what they think what will happen next.

 3. Which age range do you recommend for KAMISHIBAI?

    There is no reason to deny any age the joys of KAMISHIBAI.
    You can either make the story easier for kids to understand by making the words simpler,
    or by the teacher using body language to help convey the meaning.
    In order to help the kids understand what the stories are talking about
    feel free to use the CD or Flash cards with the story.

 4. How many people do you recommend to listen to the story to be effective?

    Any number is fine.
    You can even work with your student one on one and match their learning level and proceed that way as well.
    Also, KAMISHIBAI is more than enough for use in huge crowds.

 5. Please tell us more about the stories' main character, Stellar.

    Our hero, Stellar, is a little girl who attends an elementary school in America.
    Surrounded by her lovely family, pet and friends, Stellar is always bright and full of curiosity.
    She wishes to make friends all around the world.

 6. What are the KAMISHIBAI stories about?

    We have a KAMISHIBAI story for every season,
    each with its own different conclusion and each story is linked with each other.
    No matter which story you start from, they are very fun to read.
    Through the character Stellar, Stellar education is trying to express the never ending messages of "Friendship",
    "Family love", "Dreams", "Challenges", "Self motivation and desire".

 7. Can you please tell me about the other KAMISHIBAI related materials?

    The Audio CDs not only feature sound effects, they also feature normal readings,
    verb and conversation chants, as well as original songs to enjoy.
    The flash cards also have hidden pictures for you to find.
    There are many different and fun games you can enjoy with them.
    The coloring book is a workbook, but also designed in such a way that
    the child will be able to create a book of their own that they are proud of.
    The student size Verb, Adjective, and Vocabulary cards
    are designed smaller for continued use, study, and to be convenient.
    The preposition chart comes with separate parts,
    in which you can use together or separately to make a very useful teaching product!

 8. Are there any alternative methods to use KAMISHIBAI?

    Yes, there indeed is.
    Because KAMISHIBAI isn't bound together, you can take a page that
    you would like to use and ask various questions regarding that page or situation.
    Once your student has started to get comfortable with reading,
    we urge you to help them practice enough to give a presentation by themselves.
    By practicing this way it will give the student a chance to learn
    how to appeal to the audience that they are presenting to.
    The students speaking and giving their own opinion in front of people will give them the basis that they need,
    and before long the student will start to create their own stories,
    diary entries, or even write freely about things they like.

 8. Is there anyway for my child to learn at home?

    There is. Just like reading a picture book to them,
    reading a KAMISHIBAI story to your child can create a wonderful learning experience for you both.
    There are students who can even remember all of the lines of the KAMISHIBAI story that
    they are reading in class by using the flash cards, the coloring books, and the audio CDs that are available.
    Another fun idea is to use the stick figures that come with the coloring book and role play the scenes that you like!
    We also offer song teaching materials!
    The CD that we offer takes English that you are likely to hear around your home as well as dialogue
    from daily life as well as phrases from our KAMISHIBAI stories and puts them into fun and easy songs to learn.
    So by all means, please sing and dance with your family, and share this fun world with us!
    In short, when you read our fun stories, you can learn all about how Stellar felt,
    what she wants to do for her friends and more of her feelings through fun and enjoyable dialogue.
    We would love it if you brought the joy of Stellar's stories into your home too.

About our events

 1. What is the age range for the participants?

    There isn't really a set age range for events.
    Generally events feature activities were the kids need to move around, play a game or make something fun.
    It is our wish that everyone has a great time, and we know that through your positive support we can achieve that.
    For the most part, even a one year old would be able to have a fun time, but there are times were things
    might be difficult so feel free to give your little one a helping hand.

 2. Is it OK if I bring their brothers or sisters?

    Of course, that is not a problem.
    The events are fun and entertaining so even sitting and watching is bound to be entertaining to them as well.
    However, there are times where sitting and watching would be boring for the child.
    So we recommend that you contact us about your situation
    before you decide to sign up so we can assure participation in the event.
    Also, depending on the place of the event, you might be able to bring your stroller.
    For the children that aren't enrolled in the event,
    we ask that you watch over them so they can return home safe and sound.

About our workshops and seminars.

 1. Is it OK if I bring my child?

    The purpose of the seminar is to help guide you, so we feel it is best if you can avoid bringing your child.
    Occasionally there are days where the seminar takes place right after a kid's event.
    When that happens, we kindly request that when your child starts to act up,
    that you take them out of the room for a bit so as not to burden the other teachers at the seminar.

Things that effect both Events and Seminars.

 1. Is it alright if I bring my camera or video camera?

    As long as the equipment doesn't get in the way, is safe, and doesn't cause any problems
    to the other participants then it is fine to bring.
    We however would request that you refrain from bringing your video camera.

 2. What happens if I have to suddenly cancel?
    What happens to the entrance fee that I paid?

    Please contact Stellar Education (call 0278-24-4222) the business day (Mon.-Fri.) before the event or seminar.
    If you need to cancel at a later time than what was stated above,
    please contact the coordinator at the bookshop or the place where the seminar or event was scheduled at.
    In regards to the admission fee, we can't give you a refund
    for the cancellation but we can transfer your admission credit to a friend.
    If you would like to do that, we strongly urge you to contact us before hand so we can prepare name tags for them.

 3. Is it possible for me to join on the day of the event?

    As long as the event isn't maxed out, it's possible.
    We will need you to pay cash up front before you can enter the event.
    (However the entry fee is higher on the day of the event)
    So to make entering the event a lot smoother we strongly recommend you pay in advance.


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