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【KAMISHIBAI】 What do you want for Christmas, Stellar?

 【Product #】 SEK006X

 【Price】 \3,500+Tax

 【Specs】 Size A3 x 12 Pages
        Front: Full color Back: Black and white


  Our hero, Stellar, goes off to deliver Jenny a Christmas present.
  On the way she helps a bunch of troubled reindeer.
  As a way of saying thanks, the reindeer give her a shiny star piece.
  When Stellar realizes that she lost Jenny's present the presents that
  she received from the reindeer suddenly....

【Targeted areas and phrases】

  What do you want ?   I want 〜.
  What’s the matter?   I’m cold. (lonely/sad/happy/hungry)

【Points to know】

  Do you remember the names of all 9 reindeer?
  Did you know there are 9 reindeer throughout the Christmas story?
  Each reindeer acts out a certain emotion, you can see how Stellar responds to
  that and help your students realize the joy of helping others.
  Have you considered using the Christmas flash cards in one of your activities?

【Audio CD- Summer camp version】
Audio CD

 【Product #】 SEC004X

 【Price】 \1,800+Tax

 【Specs】 CD+ Case and lyrics card


  The CD includes the story read dramatically along with sound effects to
  effectively appeal to your students. Also, you can have them repeat
  the story in natural speed, as a native English speakers reads it out for you.
  Other useful tracks include a conversation and vocabulary chant
  as well as songs to help put you in the Christmas spirit.
  All of the songs include karaoke so feel free to sing along!

【Points to know】

  Plenty of effective sounds and easy to follow dialogue
  keep kids interested the entire time.
  The track "Thank you Dear Friends" is extremely popular,
  used in events and classrooms all over Japan.

【Flash cards - Christmas version (big)】
Flash cards

 【Product #】 SEP005X

 【Price】 \2,000+Tax

 【Specs】 Size A5 20 card set
        Appearance: Glossy full color cards


  The opposite words are presented together for your child to understand more easily.
  Easy to understand common items were used to help your child understand a total of 40 adjectives.
1 big - small 6 thick - thin 11 fat - skinny 16 clean - dirty
2 long - short 7 hard - soft 12 strong - weak 17 noisy - quiet
3 new - old 8 short - tall 13 light - dark 18 kind -rude
4 hot - cold 9 pretty - ugly 14 fast - slow 19 easy - difficult
5 young - old 10 heavy - light 15 empty - full 20 cheap - expensive

【Flash cards Christmas version (small)】
Flash cards

 【Product #】 SEP007X

 【Price】 \1,200+Tax

 【Specs】 20 pairs/set of Christmas vocabulary words
        Size A7 40 cards


  20 pairs (total 40 cards) of Christmas vocabulary words that you or your child would like to know.
  These playing card sized cards are perfect for any kind of card game or activity.

【Coloring book - Christmas version】
Coloring book

 【Product #】 SEN005X

 【Price】 \350+Tax

 【Specs】 Size A4 12 pages


  It's a coloring book that follows the same story as its KAMISHIBAI counterpart.
  There are target sentences on the bottom of every page, so your child
  can practice tracing English.
  Have fun making your own, original, picture book.

【Teacher's guide - Christmas version】
Teacher's guide

 【Product #】 SEG004X

 【Price】 \400+Tax

 【Specs】 Size A4 8 pages


  The perfect teacher's guide book to the Christmas KAMISHIBAI story.
  You can learn about various activities with the Christmas version flash cards.
  At the end of the book there are also crafts that you can copy and use in your class or at home.
  This guide will help you set up a Christmas party or lesson.

【Other great products to use】
Flash cards

【Flash cards SEP004A Verbs】

  One of our year round products,
  the picture cards,( 40 playing card sized verb cards - Student version)
  feature 20 verb cards from both the Summer camp series and
  Valentine KAMISHIBAI series.
  The student version card set is "playing card" size with 40 cards per set.
  These cards are perfect for your student
  to carry around and use anywhere.
Preposition chart set

【Preposition chart set SEW001A】

  You can see Stellar's home town and all its activity. (Size A2)
  This very useful poster also features attachable parts for you to use.
  Whether putting it on your white board or pinning it up on your wall,
  you can use this poster anytime.
  Click for more details.


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